Dr. Casey Sacks: Collaboration Drives Dollars: Strategies to Maximize Federal Funding

Funding is available for many community colleges around the country, but it doesn’t always have a clear path if you don’t know where to look.

In this episode, Dr. Casey Sacks, with the U.S. Department of Education, talks about where to find funding and some advice for getting started. She discusses among other topics, the Cares Act, finding a competitive edge in funding, and equity in federal funding allocation.


About Dr. Sacks

Dr. Casey K. Sacks is the deputy assistant secretary for community colleges in the office of career, technical, and adult education at the U.S. Department of Education. She provides leadership for initiatives supporting career and technical education, adult education, correctional and re-entry education, and community colleges. These initiatives collectively serve over 25 million students each year.

Prior to assuming the role of deputy assistant secretary, Sacks served as the vice chancellor for the West Virginia Community and Technical College System. In West Virginia she led a statewide guided pathways initiative, expansion of apprenticeship and work based learning programs, developed customized workforce training for employers, and served as acting chancellor.

Before that, Sacks served as the assistant provost for academic programs and innovation with the Colorado Community College System. During her tenure there, Sacks led two TAACCCT grants, statewide redesign of developmental education, redesign for credit for prior learning, and development of online and blended delivery for career and technical education programs in energy and manufacturing.


Dr. Casey K. Sacks


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